Simon Murgatroyd

Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist & Professional Writer

I'm the Archivist for the internationally renowned playwright Alan Ayckbourn. I've also been a professional writer for three decades with work published around the world.

I've been Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist since 2005 and am considered a foremost expert on the playwright and his plays. I work closely with the playwright on both his private archive and the Ayckbourn Archive, now held at the Borthwick Institute for Archives at the University of York.
I am the creator, administrator and principal writer of the playwright's official website With more than 3,500 pages, it is the largest single online resource dedicated to a living playwright.

I've been writing professionally since leaving university in 2001, working initially as a journalist. Subsequently, my articles on Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and the Stephen Joseph Theatre have been published throughout the world and I'm also the author of the book Unseen Ayckbourn.

I've given numerous public talks and lectures on Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and the Stephen Joseph Theatre over the years including at official Ayckbourn events, platform talks & for universities and colleges.

"Ayckbourn is quintessentially a man of the theatre, and Simon Murgatroyd's
achievement has been to celebrate and annotate that for posterity." (The Stage)

News & Upcoming

Coming Soon
The latest edition of my book, Unseen Ayckbourn - 2022 Edition, will be published this summer with lots of new and updated material. Watch this space for more news!
I'll be taking about the history of Alan Ayckbourn's play Absurd Person Singular as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the play on 26 June 2022. Click here for details.
I've written articles for the world premiere productions of Alan Ayckbourn's Family Album and All Lies in 2022. They'll be published in the respective programmes.
Social Media
I've launched the official Ayckbourn YouTube Channel which features original about Alan Ayckbourn, his career and plays as well as news updates and curated playlists of existing Ayckbourn videos.
I provided research assistance for an exclusive screened interview with Alan Ayckbourn debuted at Scarborough's Big Ideas by the Sea festival and now available online here.
The Ayckbourn Blog
Clare Brennan, critic for The Observer newspaper, tweeted that How The Other Half Loves: The Morley Factor article was "astute and informative."
Out now
Unseen Ayckbourn: Illustrated Edition
My book exploring the unseen, unpublished and unwritten plays of Alan Ayckbourn.

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Unseen Ayckbourn