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Alan Ayckbourn's Archivist & Professional Writer


This page contains details of some of the significant articles I have contributed to professional production programmes / playbills and other publications over the years.

Ayckbourn World Premieres

All directed by Alan Ayckbourn (SJT = Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Constant Companions (SJT 2023)
Family Album (SJT 2022)
All Lies (The Old Laundry Theatre 2022)
The Girl Next Door (SJT 2021)
Anno Domino (Haydonning Ltd 2020)
Birthdays Past, Birthdays Present (SJT 2019)
Better Off Dead ( SJT 2018)
The Divide (Edinburgh International Festival 2017)
A Brief History of Women (SJT 2017)
No Knowing (SJT 2016)
Hero’s Welcome (SJT 2015)
Roundelay (SJT 2014)
The Boy Who Fell Into A Book (SJT 2014)
Arrivals & Departures (SJT 2013)
Farcicals (SJT 2013)
Surprises (SJT 2012)
Dear Uncle (SJT 2011)
Life Of Riley (SJT 2010)
My Wonderful Day (SJT 2009)
Life & Beth (SJT 2008)
If I Were You (SJT 2007)

West End / New York

How The Other Half Loves (Duke Of York's Theatre 2016)
Ayckbourn Ensemble (59E59 Theaters, New York 2014)
A Chorus Of Disapproval (Harold Pinter Theatre 2012)
Woman In Mind (Vaudeville Theatre 2009)
Absurd Person Singular (Garrick Theatre 2007)

Other Articles

Dear Uncle Interview (Theatre by the Lake 2019)
SJT Circle monthly articles (SJT 2016 - 2022)
The Woman In Black (SJT 2015)
SJT Circular (SJT 2011 - 2015)

Ayckbourn Directed Revivals

All directed by Alan Ayckbourn (SJT = Stephen Joseph Theatre)
Haunting Julia (Haydonning Ltd 2020)
Season's Greetings (SJT 2019)
Joking Apart (SJT 2018)
Taking Steps (SJT 2017)
Henceforward… (SJT 2016)
Confusions (SJT 2015)
Time Of My Life (SJT 2013)
Absurd Person Singular (SJT 2012)
How The Other Half Loves (SJT 2009)
Man Of The Moment (Royal & Derngate 2009)
Woman In Mind (SJT 2008)
Snake In The Grass (SJT 2008)
Haunting Julia (SJT 2008)
A Trip To Scarborough (SJT 2007)
Relatively Speaking (SJT 2007)
Mr A's Amazing Maze Plays (SJT 2006)
Intimate Exchanges (SJT 2006)

Other Ayckbourn Revivals

Relatively Speaking (UK Tour 2023)
Ten Times Table (UK Tour 2019 / 2020)
Relatively Speaking (Salisbury Playhouse 2019)
Haunting Julia (Queen's Theatre, Hornchurch 2018)
Improbable Fiction (The Mill At Sonning 2017)
Things We Do For Love (Bath Theatre Royal / UK tour 2014)
Mr Whatnot (50th anniversary)(Royal & Derngate 2013)
Joking Apart (Nottingham Playhouse 2013)
Surprises (Chichester Festival Theatre 2012)
Absurd Person Singular (Chichester Festival Theatre 2012)
Private Fears In Public Places (Royal & Derngate 2009)
Just Between Ourselves (Royal & Derngate 2009)


If you have any enquiries about my writing, commissioning or reproducing articles, please contact me here.

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