Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers some of the questions I'm most frequently asked about my career.
Do you actually work for Sir Alan Ayckbourn? I am directly employed by Sir Alan and my office is based in his home in the old town in Scarborough. I am in direct contact with the playwright and frequently meet with him.
How long have you been Sir Alan's Archivist? Sir Alan began my employment in 2005, although I had been working on his official website since 2001.
What does your role as Archivist involve? For a more detailed explanation, visit the Archivist pages, but - briefly - I maintain and organise the playwright's personal archive & the Ayckbourn digital archive. I administer, research and write for his official website, I handle all the playwright's social media and act as his media liaison as well as undertaking research relating to the playwright and his plays.
Do you take commissions / public speaking appointments / research work etc? : Yes, I take writing and public speaking commissions as well as commissioned research relating to my areas of interest. For further details, please contact me.
What is your relationship with the Stephen Joseph Theatre? I have been the SJT's Archivist since 2004 - a role financed by Haydonning Ltd - as well as a consultant and copywriter since 2006. I have been continuously employed by the SJT in various roles since 1999.
How long have you been writing professionally? I have been writing professionally since I graduated in 1999, initially as a journalist at the Scarborough Evening News. I worked there for seven years, predominantly as the Arts & Features Writer, before joining the SJT where I have been employed as a copywriter since 2006.
What social media channels are you responsible for? I'm responsible for all the official Alan Ayckbourn social media channels. These can be found on Twitter, YouTube, Apple Podcasts and WordPress. There are no other official or officially endorsed social media channels or pages.
What is your favourite Ayckbourn play? There are too many to say! If I could pick one from each decade - still difficult - they would be: Standing Room Only (1960s); Just Between Ourselves (1970s); Henceforward… (1980s); Comic Potential (1990s); Private Fears in Public Places (2000s); Neighbourhood Watch (2010s); The Girl Next Door (2020s).
If you have any questions regarding my work, please write to me via the Contact Me page.