Examples of Talks & Lectures

Although I tend to present 'bespoke' talks and lectures depending on the occasion, venue or audience, these are some examples of subjects I have covered over the years.
If you are interested in talks, I can offer existing talks such as those below or create a bespoke talk suited to a specific subject. If you are interested in hiring me for a talk, please contact me.

Examples of Talks: Alan Ayckbourn Related Talks

Alan Ayckbourn - Playwright: An overview of Alan Ayckbourn's playwriting career including the development of his work and themes.
Alan Ayckbourn - Director: An overview of Alan Ayckbourn's career as a director asking the question, is Alan Ayckbourn first and foremost a director or a playwright?
Alan Ayckbourn - Actor: A historical look at Alan Ayckbourn's initial theatre career as an actor from 1956 to 1964.
The Plays: Bespoke talks ranging from 20 to 90 minutes on specific Ayckbourn plays or themes.
Absurd Person Singular: A behind-the-scenes look at the creation and history of this significant and acclaimed plays.
Ayckbourn On Screen: Looking at the film and television Ayckbourn adaptations.

Archivist Related Talks

Archiving Alan Ayckbourn: Exploring my work as Alan Ayckbourn's archivist.
What Is An Archivist?: What my role as an Archivist involves and my experiences.
The Early & Lost Ayckbourn Plays: Alan Ayckbourn's earliest plays and lost writing with exclusive permission to present extracts from these withdrawn & unpublished plays.
Unseen Seen: A talk to accompany my book Unseen Ayckbourn.

Stephen Joseph & The Stephen Joseph Theatre (SJT) Related Talks

Ayckbourn And The Round: Alan Ayckbourn's relationship with the SJT as well as his commitment to theatre-in-the-round and the influence of Stephen Joseph.
Abridged Ayckbourn: Alan Ayckbourn's history with the SJT from 1957 to the present day.
History of Alan Ayckbourn / The Stephen Joseph Theatre: Various talks looking at Alan Ayckbourn's life and career - or specific periods - of Alan Ayckbourn and / or the SJT.
Stephen Joseph: The life and achievements of Alan Ayckbourn's most influential mentor.
The SJT - The Early Years: Exploring the formative years of the SJT.
Stephen Joseph - Founding The Library Theatre: Stephen Joseph and founding the Library Theatre, Scarborough.
A Play Guide To Scarborough: A guided tour of Scarborough and the history of the SJT.

Requesting a Talk

I'm delighted to have the opportunity to speak about Alan Ayckbourn, his plays and career and can create bespoke talks suitable for any event / organisation.
Fees for talks vary and are dependent on a variety of factors such as travel expenses and time. If you are interested in arranging a talk or have any enquiries regarding this, please Contact Me.